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Laurent Kreplak

Department of Physics and Atmospheric Science

Dalhousie University

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Bent collagen fibril on a scale of two microns

About Us

Biotech and Medecine


Environmental Tech

Water treatment and nanotoxicity

 Characterization and Testing

Of materials and devices

Industrial Materials

Composites, sensing for manufacturing, optical coatings


Meta materials, spectroscopy, 2DCS, SERS

About nanoAtlantic

 NanoAtlantic was formed in 2016 to bring together the Academic Community, Local Industry, and the Provincial Governments of Atlantic Canada to promote and advance research in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology for the benefit of the economy and the quality of life of Atlantic Canadians. 

   Our broad objectives are:

  1. To enhance the ability of academic researchers to establish collaborative relationships with each other and with industry

  2. To serve local industries by fostering capacity building (HQP for nanotech industries, innovation through research) and through the connection with academic researchers and facilities

  3.  To serve government by supporting the advancement of economic growth through nano-related discovery and innovation, and foster the development of informed practices regarding the influences of nanotechnology on the health and well-being of Atlantic Canadians. 

News and Events

News and Events

NanoAtlantic Academia-Industry Workshop

December 10, 2018


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