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Our Characterization Facilities

Health and Environments Research Centre (HERC) Laboratory  (Jong Sung Kim):

  • SMPS (scanning mobility particle sizer, TSI): size and number concentration measurement of nanoparticles

  • ICP-MS (iCAP Q ICP-MS, Thermo Fisher): metals concentration measurement of nanoparticles

  • UFP monitor (ultrafine particle monitor): size and number concentration measurement of nanoparticles

  • Spark nanoparticle generation system

  • Nanoparticle toxicity testing system

Graphene Enterprise:

  • Optical microscope

  • Hardness analysis (coatings)

  • Adhesion tester (coatings)

  • Goniometers

  • Fume hoods

  • Several mixer types

  • In house tool shop

Kevin Hewitt:

  • Raman Spectrometer

  • UV Vis Spectrometer

Ted Monchesky:

X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (Monchesky Lab)

  • Thermo Scientific Multilab 3000 Analyzer spatial resolution: 100 μm

  • X-ray source line widths: Mg Ka (0.7 eV) and Al Ka (0.85 eV)


SQUID magnetometry (Monchesky Lab)

  • Quantum Design MPMS - 5XL SQUID magnetometer


X-ray diffraction (Department of Physics & Atmospheric Science)

  • Siemens D500 powder diffractometer

Josef W. Zwanziger:


Mary Anne White:

  • High-field solid-state NMR spectrometer

  • Scanning electron microscope (SEM)

  • Focused ion beam (FIB)

  • X-ray photoelectron spectrometer (XPS)

  • Physical property measurement system (PPMS)

  • Hot press

  • FT Raman Spectrometer

  • Differential scanning calorimeter

Mark Obrovac:

  • Rigaku Ultima IV powder x-ray diffractometer.

  • Netzsch TG 209 F3 thermogravimetric analyzer

  • JEOL IB-19530CP ion mill (for preparing cross-sections for SEM)

  • Bio-Logic SP-300 potentiostat/electrochemical impedance spectrometer

  • Fungilab ONE SERIES rotational viscometer


Alan Fine:

  • multiphoton excitation laser scanning microscopy

  • coforcal laser scanning microscopy

  • high frame rate, high quantum efficiency video microscopy

  • fluorescence flow cytometry

  • intracellular and patch-clamp electrophysiology

Keith R. Brunt:

  • Waters UPLC-MS/MS

  • Malvern ZSP Nanoparticle analyser

  • BioRad FPLC

  • Beckman 3 laser FACS

  • SuperResolutions Microscope

Craig Bennett:


  • Philips CM 30 Transmission Electron Microscope with EDAX EDS microanalyzer

  • JEOL 5900LV Variable pressure Scanning Electron Microscope with PGT EDS microanalyzer

Canadian Food Inspection Agency:

  • single particle ICP-MS for metals-based nanoparticle characterization

  • pyrolysis-GC-MS

Tyson mount A:

  • Malvern ZetaSizer Nano ZS for quantifying hydrodynamic diameter and zeta potential in nanoparticle suspensions

  • microscopy facility (with a technician) that houses a Hitachi SU3500 SEM and an Oxford Aztec Energy EDS system

Mita Dasog:

  • Perform most electrochemical measurements

  • ATR-IR

  • Spin coat

  • Photothermal measurements  

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